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Regular maintenance keeps your garden looking its best.  We are happy to visit weekly, monthly or whatever suits your schedule and budget. Christine can salvage areas that may appear overgrown, don’t give up too soon. Try a consultation before taking drastic action.



Our yard services are personalized to suit your preferences. We can provide casual care on a flexible schedule or keep the lawn and yard immaculate with weekly sessions. Hand tools and non-motorized equipment is available, we do not use pesticides and our staff is trained in weed identification. If you wish, we will mow around your favourite wildflowers!


Spring is when we prune off winter damage, dethatch lawns, remove protective mulch and top up ground mulches and ground covers. Power sweeping lawns is a quick and easy way to remove gravel and dirt after the snow melts.

As winter approaches, we recommend deadheading spent leaves and blossoms and removal of diseased or dead trees and shrubs. This is also the time for planting bulbs, garlic and applying mulch to tender plants. 


"Christine has been taking care of our large flower garden and lawn during the summer months for at least ten years. The garden was completely neglected when she began. I thought we would have to just plow it and start over, but Christine revived the garden saving all the plants and has worked wonders with it ever since. She is personable, knowledgeable and organized. I hope she keeps taking care of our garden for many more years."

 ~ Nicoline Beglinger

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