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Reviving older gardens can feel overwhelming. Christine can outline for you a plan that includes the strengths of your yard and adds in the touches of colour, shape and level of care that suits you. Her long-term vision saves time, expense and disappointment.


Restoration projects work with care to preserve the surrounding gardens. Use of machinery is kept to a minimum. Low impact, lightweight tools cause the least disturbance to soil and living plants.


Gardens evolve with their owners. Families may want to add a sandbox and when that is outgrown, it becomes a veggie garden. Where the trampoline used to be, there is now a pond. Being in tune with the needs of the family is integral to Magpie and Larch designs.

Elements of the garden change evolve over time. Christine brings patience and knowledge to her work, taking into consideration the shapes of mature trees, shrubs and perennial beds. Creating long term balance saves expense and reduces maintenance.


"Christine was amazing!  She managed to meld her expertise with our wishes and create a garden that exceeded our expectations.  We enjoy our garden every day and appreciate the solid design sprinkled with thoughtful and whimsical touches."

 ~ Roesmary & Bruce

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