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Intuitive gardening

Being in tune with the environment and the needs of plants describes the practice of intuitive gardening. Christine brings years of observation, knowledge and understanding into her creations, working with you to achieve a balance of beauty and maintenance that suits your yard and your lifestyle.



River stones, slate, recycled brick and found metal: these materials are infused with history, stories, and character. They bring with them connections to the surrounding environment, local industry and retired buildings. Whenever possible, Magpie and Larch uses these materials when creating pathways, patios and garden walls. Low impact, local sources, evolution.


Tiny details make a new garden cozy and casual. Using collected mosses or unique plants, Christine introduces life into new pathways and patios, working with nature rather than against it. Larger obstacles become features, highlights or spaces for the garden to breathe and be empty.


"I highly recommend Magpie and Larch - from start to finish. Christine and her team were a pleasure to work with. Their expertise and commitment to service was so appreciated. I started the project with very vague ideas  - and they were able to transform our property, front and back, into exactly what I wanted - on time and on budget.  The end result fits perfectly with our lifestyle and with the environment.  Christine’s expertise on plants and trees was also awe-inspiring.

I can’t imagine anyone knows more than she does."

 ~ Jennifer

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